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Frequently Asked Questions about PSN and InvoiceCloud


  1. Why has PSN joined InvoiceCloud?

    Payment Service Network (PSN) has joined InvoiceCloud because as one organization, we can become the market leader in customer engagement solutions for utilities and local government.

  2. Why did PSN’s leadership choose InvoiceCloud?

    It has been our mission at PSN to help our clients automate the recurring payment process, helping them achieve efficiency, cost savings and increased customer satisfaction. InvoiceCloud is the electronic billing and payment industry leader and will provide enhanced capabilities to help our clients have the highest payment adoption in the industry, which increases operational efficiency and decrease costs.

    Both companies operate under the same “Customer Focused, Product Driven” ethos. There is a large opportunity to create upgrade paths for existing PSN clients to IC with more robust customer engagement tools that help PSN drive higher payment adoption and maximize our growth potential. Together we will grow through product innovation.

  3. What is happening to PSN? 
    As part of InvoiceCloud, there will be no disruption of services for current PSN Clients and Clients will continue to be serviced by the PSN customer service team.  


  4. What will become of the PSN platform?

    Over time, we will bring together the capabilities of the PSN and InvoiceCloud platforms, providing enhanced capabilities to manage the billing process and increase payer adoption and satisfaction.

  5. What about the PSN website?

    We will continue to support and operate the PSN website as we will still get prospects and leads due to our brand recognition.

  6. Are PSN offices closing?

    No, PSN staff will continue to work in the current office spaces. InvoiceCloud has offices in multiple locations across the United States and benefits from adding an office in Madison.

  7. What will happen in the future?

    In the future, IC plans to upgrade clients with new functionalities that increase payment adoption and decrease billers’ costs. Anticipated upgrade capabilities include a robust customer communication engine and enhanced end-user management tools. Our goal is to create a best of breed solution through a thoughtful exploration of how to best combine the strengths of both platforms.

About InvoiceCloud

  1. What does InvoiceCloud do? 
    InvoiceCloud provides integrated SaaS solutions that drive customer engagement and payment adoption. IC is a growth-oriented company that has grown in excess of 40% a year for the last 10 years. Inc 5000 considers IC to be one of the fastest growing companies in the U.S. We believe the most valuable resource is our people and people have been key to our success. Our philosophy is to invest in building the best team to better serve our customers.


  2. Who are the senior leaders?
    Please meet our company’s leaders by visiting the Leadership page of our website.



Please contact for further information.

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