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If any of your customers prefer to talk to a Customer Service Representative to make a payment, PSN can accommodate them. Our Customer Service Representatives have been lauded for their excellent service. PSN decided to maintain an in-house Call Center because of the highly sensitive data we handle and to assure your customers are treated with respect. The Call Center is open 365 days a year. NOTE: Our representatives will also answer any questions your customers have about how to use our payment services.

  • Customers will appreciate they can talk to a human to make a payment

  • Payments made through the Call Center flow into the PSN system so that you can view them in real time—just like an online payment

  • Phone payments are consolidated with all other PSN payments for one deposit and one reconciliation 

  • Payments are automatically posted to your software to eliminate manual input and errors

  • No per-minute phone charges; costs are covered through transaction fees, no matter how long the phone call lasts

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