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Now, anyone you authorize in your office can accept payments from your customers over the phone or at the counter. With any Internet-connected or mobile device, you simply enter the checking, savings, credit card or debit card information and the payment amount to create an ePayment. You can make a one-time payment or set up Auto-Pay to alleviate customers from calling or visiting your office in the future. The PSN Virtual Terminal is great for those sites were payment volume doesn’t warrant a credit card reader or check scanner. It’s also great for customers who call into your office to make a phone payment.

  • Can accept payments from customers who call or visit your office to make a payment

  • Speeds deposit times by turning paper checks into ePayments

  • Meets banking requirements to truncate paper checks without the expense of the bank’s equipment

  • Alleviates PCI requirements since all data is stored on the PSN system

  • Consolidates call-in and counter payments with all other PSN payments resulting in one deposit and one reconciliation 

  • Eliminates the need for investing in credit card readers and check scanners in low-volume transaction areas

  • Automatically posts payments to your software, if data sharing, eliminating manual entry errors

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