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Some customers just have to pay with cash while others are reverting from traditional card and check payments to cash. (While more than half [57%] of Millennials reported using a greater variety of payment methods than before, nearly half [45%] of that group also said that they’re more likely to pay more with cash now than they did a few years ago. Source: Cardtronics Survey 2015) Now you can let them make cash payments while removing the risk of having cash in your office or transporting it to the bank. With PSN’s eCash Solution, the entire transaction occurs at offsite locations—ones that are accustomed to handling cash, such as convenience stores or major retailers. PSN captures the cash payments, turning them into ePayments, routing them electronically through the financial network, quickly depositing the funds and posting the payments to your software. eCash makes life easier for your customers as well as your staff!

  • Cash moves faster and deposits are made electronically (Underlying money transmission provided by our partner bank)

  • Eliminates hard-to-reconcile money orders

  • You select from over 25,000 cash payment locations which you will authorize to accept payments

  • Cash payments flow through the PSN engine and post directly to your software

  • Inherent risks of handling cash in the office and en route to your bank are removed—don’t let your staff be a target

  • Customers can still use cash and have one or more locations at which to pay

  • The solution is bundled with PSN’s Bank Bill Pay eSolution further saving you time

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