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Field payments are a part of the PSN Account Management Center Mobile App. Now you can access customer info while away from the office. 


field pay


You can accept credit card payments and even check/savings payments anywhere at anytime with PSN's account management mobile app. The app allows your authorized staff to look up customer information such as balance due or last payment made. You can enter credit card or banking information directly into the app or use the optional swipe device. The app is great for field workers or office staff that don't have access to a swipe terminal. 

  • Look up customer data in the field

  • Payments made through the app flow into the PSN system so that you can view them in real time—just like an online payment

  • App payments are consolidated with all other PSN payments for one deposit and one reconciliation 

  • Payments are automatically posted to your software to reduce manual input and errors (available with data sharing)

  • Credit card scanning meets the latest PCI requirements, moving liability issues to the credit card companies

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